Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Off the Charts

Here at El Reporto Dalemberto, we hate to give credit to other bloggers unless they is our main man Marc Narducci or possibly those bastions of mainstream media elitism Fat Guy and Skinny Guy. However we was cruising the so-called interweb earlier today in an effort to keep our mind off some shit we saw hanging off the back of a car in Virginia, when we came upon a blogger named "depressedfan" who scored an up close and personal interview with Easy Eddie Stefanski.

Now, while we commend said dude for getting Eddie on the line, it's not the actual fact of the interview that concerns us. Indeed, it was one of the revelations from the new GM that resonated in this here corner of the interweb:

"Since I've been here, Sam Dalembert has been off-the-charts good," said Stefanski. "I mean, not just good, off-the-charts good. Sammy has done more than I expected when I came in."

Off the charts good! And this isn't some lamo newspaper piece where he bigs up Sam to drive up potential trade value. Finally, confirmation from the highest levels of Sixerdom of what we knew here years ago: that the only one who can stand between Sam Dalembert and world domination is Sam Dalembert himself.

Which, granted, he still tends to do with some frequency.

Anyway, you should read the whole interview. It's pretty informative and interesting, and envisions a Dalembert - Josh Smith - Iguodala frontcourt for next year, which is enough to make me want to do something like this.