Monday, January 14, 2008

Introducing the Photo of the Day

Here at the Dalembert Report, we never rest in pursuit of our goal of helping our readers to fend off crippling boredom, oxycontin addiction, and potential suicide by making their lives more interesting and Dalembert-friendly. Thus we are proud to announce what we hope will be a daily feature of the DR - the Photo of the Day! (cheering, fireworks).

But wait -- that's not all!

Because we love our readers so, we are giving you the chance to captionize said photo. It's kind of like that New Yorker contest, except for illiterate people. So, every day hence we will post a photo, and then choose the best caption from the comments. If all if those captions suck, we will say 'fuck you Jobu' to all of you and come up with our own.

So without further ado:


  1. Um, how about "The Day Pete Realized He Wasn't Going to Heaven"?

    Other than giving an answer (which I'm highly ineligible to do), I wash my hands of this post.

  2. This picture is not even a picture. I expect more from you Eldiablogrande

  3. this is pretty much exactly what to expect from eldiablogrande

  4. caption:
    "The Vatican's 3rd most common ex-communication memo"

  5. funny story.
    mom was reading this, got really excited for the picture, and then immediately after she looked gotreally dissapointed. she said "the computer keeps popping up this message when i try to look at the picture!"

  6. But I'm black; I'm allowed to.