Thursday, January 10, 2008

Do You Like Funny Haircuts?


Now I was under the impression that NO ONE, and I mean no one, thought poop was as funny as me...apparently I was wrong. This is a sad day for me and I would imagine more so for my fiancee. Lets be real here folks is there a woman out there who doesn't want to marry a man obsessed with poop? No. If by chance you can find one though, I am sure she is a huge lezzer. That's right a gay American.

What is the biggest story in sports today? No no, not that the Sixers have a new man for the post game show, no not that this guy came out of the closet*, but rather it is the story no one seems to be mentioning. Yes it involves roger Clemens, but no it is not about whether he did roids or not. I could give a shit. I just wanna know if roids make you do this sort of thing? I've heard of roid rage(Big Firm) but this is ridiculous, he must have been REALLY angry at Andy Petite. Lets be real: we have all been angry at others before, even enraged, but have you ever been that angry? Rick James once told me "Steroids are a helluva drug" I didn't take him seriously at the time, but now I know.

Another item I enjoy, but in a less hilarious and more entertaining way than poop, is TV. I own 74" of LCD and Plasma HDTV's. I stupidly believed that I was one of the world's biggest TV enthusiasts. Up until about 15 minutes ago I would have sworn on my place atop the TV(especially HDTV) enthusiast list, then I saw this.

My last gripe of my first post of the new year is my forgetfulness. Lately my keys have eluded me and I have repeatedly forgot my bosses Christmas present at home. Now I am no scientist, but I am pretty sure Christmas was 15 days ago. Damn! I really am slippin. Well for those of you who repeatedly forget that cap at home, fret no more for I have your answer!

How come I didn't think of this?

Since the DR is meant to be, at least loosely, concerned with sports I will leave my faithful readers with this gem regarding our favorite baseball team. While still our favorite team, I think that they might be just a little gay. While I am pointing this out almost a year late, it's well worth it.

*May or may not actually be gay(He is)