Friday, January 13, 2012

Reminiscing on Park Jams

In the spirit of easing back in to barely posting updates, I took a little trip down memory lane within the past hour, and I'm plain befuddled. There once existed a time when we, your mighty DR overlords, were actually funny, dare I say good at this blogging shit. While we wipe away the cobwebs and warm up the writing engines, I urge you all to take this walk with us to a better, more prolific time. With pride, I present to you:


I even finally opened some of DVDubs youtube links in the comments (not all, I know it's a long weekend but I'd prefer to leave the house at some point). The guy has some serious issues and conditions that clearly need to be addressed, but not bad work at all really. Salute.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back Like I Left Something

Without shame, I am admitting that I have made a power jump on to your FIRST PLACE Sixers bandwagon. A first place, I may add, that I solely attribute to the death of the reprehensible Hip-Hop. While I fight my way up to the driver's seat, I assure you that all are welcome and that the water is warm. The real question is, and this is important, as some giveback for flying the flag this late in the game, should the DR be resurrected? The ball is in your proverbial court, DR readership. Do we got next, or do we take this ball and go home. Time is yours folks, comments decide it.

Go Sixers.