Thursday, January 31, 2008

God Bless The USA

Lee Greenwood said it best...Tha Bul Bubak is proud to be an American. In what other country can one go to the movies and witness Burmese drop like they were being hunted by Bruce Jergins one minute, and eat delish Vietnamese food the next? (With the obvious exception of Laos of course.) If there is one thing that the movie Rambo made me think about, it was obviously: Whom should I endorse for President of this fine nation?

As i see it there four legitimate choices left in this race: Clinton, Obama, McCain, and whoever is running this fine organization. Let us take a few moments to breakdown the candidacy of each so we, the DR nation can make an intelligent and informed decision.

Nambla President: For obvious reasons this man keeps his identity off of the web. I cannot find it, but I am pretty sure he looks something like this guy. While the man undeniably runs one hell of an organization, I am not sure having a president make foreign policy soley based on the looks of other countries young boys would work. For this reason he will NOT get my nod for the oval office.

Obama/Clinton: Why am I bunching these two together you ask? Essentially they are the same canidate, that's why. I have done a moderate(using the term loosely here people) amount of research and find that these two have essentially voted the same way on everything. The one time that they didn't was because Obama was not there and did not vote. Assuming I am right about that, why vote for one over the other? I know answering a question with a question is heresy, but here is the answer to why one over the other. What do Americans love more than anything? A deal. What does Hillary have that Barack doesn't? A two for one deal baby. I mean c'mon here people, why "spend" that vote on one when you could spend the very same vote on two? I guess what I am saying is, if you just have to vote democrat vote for Hillary.

McCain: There are two and only two reasons why McCain is my man...well actually three:
1) He can scare the bejesus out of anyone with his "mean face"
2) Of all the canidates, John Boy is most similar to the two greatest Americans ever (fictional or not) Rambo and Dieter Dengler.
3) Lastly, he is not a goddamn Cowboys fan like this guy.


  1. so would bul bubak vote for Obama if Rambo was his running mate and Dieter Dengler was assured a position in the cabinet? And what about Mitt? Don't sleep on Mitt. Sleep is the cousin of death and we all know Mitt has more cousins than anyone. I don't know what that means. Vote Dalembert '08!!

  2. Kudos for the astute political I can get drunk and masturbate instead of watching the debate. The only issue I have is that Dieter, while unquestionably a world-class superhero, is certainly not an american and in fact shares the same fatherland as that mustachioed cowboys fan. Now if timothy treadwell was running...

  3. Hilary endorsed the war; Obama didn't. 'Nuff said...Maybe?

    McCain is a douche.

  4. When voting, always vote black. If you're voting white, you have no place in my world.
    For a bunch of jews (Fintan, my apologies for considering you an honorary jews), we certainly devote a lot of time on this site to Hitler.

  5. My first Son will be named Adolf. It is not about Hitler, but rather my strong belief that it is time to let the healing begin. As for the validity of anything I claim as fact in this post, I stand by none of it. I am pretty sure McCain isn't a Cowboy fan though.

  6. Our first child will certainly NOT be named Adolf.

  7. You guys are having kids? I'm just going to have a bunch of weiner dogs, and wear my "I know a little German" t-shirt every day.

  8. The image of you with lots of little weiner dogs is hilarious. please do that.

  9. How much are you willing to spend to get that shirt back Cots?

    I'm voting for McCain just to piss you off. Dewwwwche.

  10. It truly is a great day in america.

  11. More great sports films:

    1. Breaking Away (cycling)
    2. Rounders (if you consider poker a sport-which it isn't-like ESPN does)
    3. The Luzhin Defense (About chess; also more of a game than a sport, but a good film nonetheless)
    4. Days of Thunder (NASCAR: definitely not a sport)

    Lesser sports films:
    Various Will Ferrel films, and those starring that kid that offed himself from "Ladybugs." Don't forget about his movie with Chuck Norris.

    I watched karate kid last night...IN-credible. Timeless, really.

  12. I thought McCain would be the US president but who could have guess right.
    Obama the First Black President.
    American must have seen some good hidden potential with this man thats why he won.
    But so far, his actually doing well.
    GOOd job President Obama.