Monday, January 14, 2008

The Broad Street Bully

Here at the DR we don't tend to be so much into hockey. In fact, if you asked us to name a current Flyers player, we would probably say 'Ron Hextall' and subsequently be laughed at and then assaulted by a posse of South Philly's finest cuz material.

Our days of hockey ignorance, however, are soon to come to an end, thanks to this stupendous opportunity brought to our attention by loyal DR reader Sam Lehr:


But we need your help, loyal readers. Bidding is already at $11,361 Haitian Gourdes, which anyone know puts this fabulous opportunity well out of the price range of the DR's corporate leadership. So please, send check, money order, spare change, nuggets of weed, mostly empty bags of coke and unwanted Christmas gifts to:

The Dalembert Report Corporate Headquarters
206 South 3rd Street, #3
Philadelphia, PA

and let us take this fantastic opportunity to help ourselves, and Sammy D, become better Canadians. Crom thanks you for your support.

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