Sunday, June 1, 2008

One More Arm and Dangerous

I did some thinking today, and this led me to a thought: the Phillies are one quality starting pitcher away from being a juggernaut. One more starter. That's it. As it stands the Phils are arguably the best team in the National League without this missing piece, so this declaration is not exactly a true shocker, ala Lance Bass's homosexuality.

Am I getting ahead of myself? Was Lance? The answer is no, if anything these revelations were long overdue. Let's deal with simple facts, facts in this case represented by my opinion: The Phillies have the best everyday line-up in the league, they also have the best bench, and a killer bullpen to boot. If I wanted to bore you with statistics to back up these proclamations I would, but that would require research, and research requires time, and time is of the essence.

Why is time so important? Because the Phillies might lose tomorrow and my mind could change. But I doubt it. I think I'm right. So here then is the equation I've created to reflect the situation:

#1 Offense + #1 Bench + #1 Bullpen+ 1 more good starter= Huge Parade Down Broad St.

Okay I could be getting ahead of myself a smidge. After all, there are a dozen teams that can say the same thing. Saying it doesn't mean it can be done, or even that it is reasonable to contemplate. If only the Sex and The City movie was free, 12 minutes long, and a single orgy scene between the leading ladies, except the red head jawn and Sarah Jessica Parker, then I would happily go watch it. Real life is not so accommodating.

But Real Life is also taunting me to believe, and no matter who said it, I'm living proof that there is a sucker born every minute. So Mr. Pat Gillick, do me a favor, search every inch of your Hawaiian shirt sleeves for a trick, pull it out, and take us to the promised land.

My enthusiasm can in part be attributed to a need to distract myself from the terribleness that is The NBA Finals. I would rant about it but really, who wants to read 3 more paragraphs filled with conspiracy theories, theoretical violent acts, childish name-calling, and truly pathetic jealousy? Well, if I get the tone right it could be the best post of my life. Oh well it'll have to wait until the right time. Check back this fall if The Red Sox and Patriots win titles.