Thursday, June 26, 2008

Overheard In...

THE OFFICERe: Early America

- "Those people 'Native Americans' never staked a claim. They moved from location to location. Besides that is what people did they fought for land. You can't blame settlers for being better at it. The natives fought against themselves for land also, they were just evenly matched. They would have done it to each other if they could, so they are no better then Young America. We just succeeded that is the only crime."

Re: Texas Prostitutes
- "In Dallas they were not half bad looking. I still ran from them though."

FishtownYoung Kid 1: So, how you do that?
Young kid 2: Alls you gotta do is find someone who don't do drugs to pee for you
Young kid 1: Ohhhhhhhhh!

Random woman: Hey hun, how you doin?
Me: Ok, how are you
Woman: Fucked up!

8 year old girl: She sounded like she had a dick in her mouth.
10 year old girl: Did she?
8 year old: How the hell should I know? Alls i know is she sounded like she did.
- Now there's an 8 year old wise beyond her years!!

Hispanic Woman: So I said "I dont care if he is in jail, he was my man too and i want my fuckin TV back!
Hispanic Woman's friend: Wait your man too? Where is the TV?
Hispanic Woman: The TV is at her house, you know...his real girlfriend.