Sunday, June 15, 2008


One of the biggest prospects in this years draft, both is size and potential, is 7Ft. manchild DeAndre Jordan. Entering the draft after only one year in college, Jordan will most likely be gone before the Sixers pick, due to his size and formidable physical skills. Here's a quick look at DeAndre, the player, the person, the piece of meat.

Name: Hyland DeAndre Jordan
DOB: 7/21/88
Hometown: Houston, Texas

Very very big.

What he does well: Runs and jumps. Dunks with power. Ummm, that's about it.

What he needs to get better at: The game of basketball, specifically catching, shooting, passing, rebounding, and defending the ball. He also sounds like a typical eighteen year old, meaning he's a big huge sensitive baby who's not ready to deal with the harsh instruction, failure, demanding coaches and teammates, and overall grind of the NBA lifestyle.

The Big Picture: Anyone who is 7ft., coordinated, with two working hands, feet, and at least one functioning eye, will get drafted. What makes DeAndre so tantalizing is his athleticism, and his age. Being so young and physically precocious leaves open the possibility that he can one day match his natural size with a skill set that would make him a dominant force in the league. He is a classic upside pick. Should he tap even some of the potential scouts think he has, he could be a top ten center in the league, if not better.

Nickname potential: Huge. Another big area of potential for him. DeAndre The Giant instantly comes to mind, and the connection to the Jordan name could act as an endless well of marketing options.

Where he will go: Likely in the top ten, lasting maybe to twelve or thirteen. The Nets have recently made a habit of drafting big projects in the first round, and Indiana, picking eleventh, could take Jordan as a future replacement for Jermaine O'Neal.

If The Sixers pick him:
I would be thrilled, because there's nothing that gets me more worked up on draft day than limitless upside that hasn't had a chance to be proven completely burdened by limits yet. I'm serious. As I explained earlier, with a pick like this, you take a chance on a guy who maybe one day will become something special, and DeAndre Jordan is the epitome of this. It's also a huge moment when a guy who's supposed to go higher falls a few slots and your team gets him. Even if he ends up stinking, the pick will always be qualified by the fact that he wasn't supposed to be there in the first place. Win win. Well, if he ends up stinking I guess it's more of a win lose. Whatever.

His future as a Sixer: I'll end with a simple statement. It may scare some Sixers fans, but it fills me with the asinine enthusiasm of that cheerleader who broke her body and yet continued her cheers as the medics carted her off. That statement can be boiled down to two words: Dalembert's Apprentice. DeAndre and DaLembert together? DeCent.


  1. this is a big strong manchild. My only concerns with picks of this nature are that he will be uninterested in immediate direction, and by the time he realizes that he is not an all-star out of the gate, and starts showing signs of being a dominant force...he will be up for free agency and demanding a big pay day. if this was baseball and we could nurture this big man and tie him up for years to come, almost assuring us that any development would take place in the wachovia center, than i'd be more excited. but the sixers are in need of right now, so im not sure this is the man for the job. that being said, if hes there... we take the big miki fiki. after all, i doubted young thad's immediate impact this time last year, and now, well...i'm resigned to naming my first child either "young" or "thad" or a combo of both, perhaps "yothad"

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