Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Things I Have Observed

So this is my first week back at work since my nuptials and subsequent honeymoon. In the two and a half days I have been a working stiff this week I have heard and seen some things that remind me why it is I love this fair city in which we reside.

On To The List:

- No more than 40 minutes ago I spotted an older black gentleman wearing a white and pink horizontally stripped suit with a pink hat. The jacket went about 3 inches below the knee. I tried to snap a pic with my phone, but alas, to no avail. think something like this, but bigger gaudier and with the requisite strips.

- Muffin Tops as far as the eye can see. I'm not sure if it is an east coast thing, big city thing or what? Out west I cannot remember seeing one; today at lunch I saw...well I can't count that high, but you get the idea.

- Yesterday at approximately 8:27am on a westbound El, I saw/heard a man reading the gossip pages of the metro to his(I can only assume) wife over his cell. This act by itself is egregious enough, but at that time of day in an incredibly loud and grating voice? He also looked exactly like this.

My 'Hood, I fucking love it! So far this young week I have seen/been a part of:
- A 13 year old trying to sell me coke and pills
- A young boy being berated by a solider for selling drugs.(it was like scared straight - live)
- A fight between teenage girls in the school yard on my way home from work.
- The neighborhood tranny walking with a cast on one foot and nothing on the other.
Last but not least, there was an article about a burgeoning independent theater in Fishtown on today. One of the comments to the article summed F-town in a nice lil package-

"Maybe if they throw a play about Newport cigarettes and the Eagles the actual residents will come. Nothing says Fishtown more than "Hefeweizen hummus" right?"


  1. Is that John Sosnov in the Ghostbusters t-shirt?

    Bul Bubak, it's good to see you appreciate the finer things in life, and these small moments and characters that make it so interesting, strange, and (sometimes) enjoyable.

  2. Today on the east bound el, I heard one woman tell another about how good the pasta is from Pizza Hut.

  3. I can tell you with strong conviction that Muffin Tops are a phenomenon reaching well beyond large Northeast cities. They plague the South as well, triggers by BBQ and a need to fit into Nantucket Red shorts. The muffin top/boat shoe combo can't be beat.

    I like this new feature. I have seen nothing of interest today, but let it be known I'll be looking tomorrow.

  4. This past semester, I was driving home from Temple through North Philly and saw a large African American man in an oversized sixers jersey galloping down the street on a horse.

  5. Are you paying over $5 / pack of cigs? I buy all my cigs over at Duty Free Depot and I'm saving over 60%.