Tuesday, February 5, 2008

In Case You Were Wondering About Flintskins....

eldiablogrande: Flintskins you fucking degenerate alcoholic monkey. Where the fuck is your post?

flintskins: You don't want to get on the kill list today. Trust me.

That being said, you'll get your GD post and you'll get it very soon. I'd rather piss the DR editor, editorial staff and readers off with lack of product than delivering half-assed, weak product. Look what happened to the Barksdale organization in season 2 when they tried to pull that off. You know what happened? Huh? A little 9 year old boy was killed. KILLED. Is that what you want Sam, do you want little kids to die? For shame, sir, for shame. When did the importance of the blogosphere eclipse the sanctity of a childs life?

I'll pray for you.