Thursday, October 23, 2008

Three More to Go

We're approaching about 30 minutes until game time, and I'm too nervous to type anything of substance. Which, of course, isn't much different than usual, but this will be significantly shorter. We took one last night, it may not have been pretty but if the exploits of my personal life have told me anything, looks mean nothing as long as the final score is in your favor.

One down, three to go. GO PHILS.

To help you get through these nerve wracking times, I offer an inspirational video containing one of the toughest adopted cuzzes this city ever had, and we all could certainly learn from, especially DVDubs' welfare collecting ass. Also, because I have a certifiably sick sense of humor, two other videos to ease the tension just a little bit. Enjoy, bitches.

Worst post ever? Worst post ever.