Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yet another example...

of why black people are cooler than white people. If this fellow says so, tonight is most definitely the night. Courtesy of my man Big Ben, Monty Gee throws it down:

Monty Gee on the M-I-C from on Vimeo.


  1. Where was this guy on Broad Street? And why am I in my cubicle right now?

  2. Monty G....E, E is an incredible man. The impromptu beatbox, the rhymes, the onomanopoeia; this shit just got better and better. You could tell that they weren't going to turn off the camera until Monty G said he was done. I also think he was in "Disorderlies."

    Phils are World Series Champions. What.

  3. I know that due it being highly overused, especially by me, that it will lose much of its impact, but that was easily the greatest thing I've ever seen. Monty Gee is no falcon.

  4. You sir, however, are a falcon ass falcon... A falcon for Monty Gee. And I'm with you.