Friday, October 3, 2008

Chill Man!!! Chill!!

I was at Game 2 and yes it was incredible. I hope to re-visit it at some point further down the post-season path, but for now I just have one request: Chill the fuck out!!! This series isn't over yet. This is the Phillies right? And they still play in Philadelphia? Since when can Phillies fans(or fans of any of the teams around here) start acting like a 2-0 lead is a done deal? I'm just curious. I know we have command of the series and the momentum. I know we just beat by far their best pitcher. I believe we are the better team in almost every way. I like the pitching match-up tomorrow(Moyer vs. Bush), I'm confident Utley and Howard will start hitting, and I feel good about the team in general, but c'mon people, let's wait until the clinching game is over before we start congratulating ourselves on a job well done. We haven't reached the status of a team that can assume anything. Keep your game face in place and don't count those eggs yet, the squad still has work to do. Go Phils.

-I'm a lifelong Philly fan suspicious of everything good and perpetually expecting the worst, and I approve this message.


  1. Well said Chief Naka. Lets not all start sucking each others popsicles just yet.

  2. who is the dude in the moyer hyperlink? he looks like he should be related to flintskins in some way..

  3. I am with you. I have felt surprisingly comfortable today, which is most unbecoming. But i am doing my part, as i will be in Mil-a-wauk-ay tomorrow, sitting in seats i paid way too much for. I hope to punch bernie brewer and witness a memorable event. GO PHILS.

  4. Oh sure, be pessimistic...Oh sure, be right.

    Reading your post was like watching the Sixers in the NBA finals with Tom and Dominican Bill.

  5. Going back to Mil-ay-walk-ee for more punishment today, Big Firm?

    Alethia just asked me; "When can we go visit Drewsie?"
    I said that only I can call you that when I want a dead-arm.

  6. I did not go back to Milwaukee today b/c i came dangerously close to punching the fat disgusting female slob who wouldn't stop yelling at me all game yesterday. That and the Philly teams don't seem to win when I'm in the house on the road. Love Pat the glove today, let's close this motherfucker OUT!

    And you are welcome to visit me anytime, though I can't promise no dead arms or dead legs. Go Phils.