Saturday, October 4, 2008

Flyin' Hawaiian for VP!

I've yet to visit the great state of Hawaii, but considering the current trajectory of both the baseball and political seasons, it may have to be next on my list. After all, it's the state that has given us not only the Kalani Oceanside Retreat and Don Ho, but also the Good Ship Obama and Sugar Shane Victorino. Seriously, who can tell me (apologies to our homegirl Ashley Biden), that they wouldn't vote for an Obama/Victorino '08 ticket?

Anyway, all this is just a precursor to sharing with you all the fabulous gift that Bill Gates sent my way this morning. That's right: not only does the Flyin' Hawaiian possess a sunny demeanor, a wicked glove and a Ruthian bat, but he's also a blogger!

May the Shane Victorino playoff blog provide you with as much entertainment as the Hawaiian himself. Go Phils!


  1. You can also listen to Shane's musical selection to get pumped up before the games (and the election):

  2. I guess I should offer some context and direction;
    The multi-talented Sugar Shane Victorino did a radio takeover at Yrock a while back. He's just like Christian Slater in Pump Up The Volume. Chief Naka should invite him to make an appearance on "If It Ain't Broke." You know it's an incredible idea, and maybe not totally out of the realm of possibility...Maybe....Or maybe I'm delusional.

    When you go to the Y-Rock site, look in the right column of the page.

  3. Is that Robeson or Dave Chapelle in the middle?

  4. 103.3, The Beat, is for Falcons.

    I was beatin' that on 103.3.

  5. It's 100.3 The Beat(in' that), sir.

  6. That's what I wrote at first. That didn't look right, but correct you are, cuz.