Monday, July 7, 2008

Pat the Glove Needs YOU

As we swiftly approach the All-Star break, two Phils, Utley and Lidge, are confirmed NL All-Stars. While this is good, the fact remains that both Cole Hamels and Pat Burrell were utterly jobbed by not being selected. For Cole, the dream is over and he will be forced to spend that night at home, violating his former Playmate wife in deviant ways that would make even a neanderthal blush; but for Pat, the dream has just begun.

Until THIS Thursday (July 10th) at 5PM EST, you can vote for Pat as many times as humanly possible for the final All-Star roster spot. I know, some of you hate the man, think he's lazy, slow, drunk, possibly a sexual deviant, but the fact is that he's a Phillie, so we owe it to him. Besides, he's never been an All-Star (outside of in mine and eldiablogrande's hearts, and Giuliano's sick fantasy world) and if this is indeed his last year in Philly, let's make it happen.

So click the below link, vote for whatever AL hump you want, and pick the Man/Machine.

Oh, and before I forget, the Mets are in town and have so far taken a 2-1 lead in this four game series. Mets fans, having special needs, easily forget the fact that their team is terrible and that they had a monumental collapse at the end of last year. I would like to take this moment to remind them, complete with visual aids. Go Phils.


  1. flintskins, as always you've summed up all our thoughts in one pithy post. vote for the bat! could there be any greater wedding present to dvdubs than sending the bat to the allstar game, thus rendering him out of town and powerless to intrude on our favorite commenters nuptial bliss?

  2. The real question is: Is dvdubs man or machine? Hardly a man; is a fart machine.

    I have gone through periods (and I mean that in the aunt flow sense) of hatred for the bat, but I always want to cheer for him, and he definitely deserves that final spot. I put my vote in. Way to motivate, cuz.

    Always good to see a post from flintskins...And hating on the Mets never gets old, especially after losing 3 straight that were all within reach. Almost an incredible comeback tonight, but fell just short.

    I'm gonna go put the cucumber in the crisper...Hilarious.

  3. Putting a vote in is a good start, staying glued to your computer, voting every ten seconds ins a great finish. Come on welty, you can do it....