Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hit it to me...and by me I mean the left field corner

Why is this man thanking the good lord up above? Well, it certainly isn't because he has straight teeth. Top of 9, two men on, tie game, in Shea, already a miraculous comeback. Whereas their leader would turn to steroids and chewing tabacco, our leader turns to his secret sauce:

One huge inhale, some pine tar, and some swagger to the plate later, J roll laces a double down the left field line, and extends a shit eating grin seen - or at least felt - throughout the five boroughs. Man oh man oh man! Random victories in the middle of July can feel oh so good.


  1. let us not forget the heroic contributions of my main man so taguchi unleashing his inner tadahito iguchi. as my main man kaoru reminded me, so was drafted AHEAD of Ichiro. Get this man some more playing time!

  2. "It's not me...It's the jar."

    Alethia is repulsed (and amused) everytime when I comment, after some late-inning J-Roll heroics, that he must have opened up a vintage jar before that at-bat.

    I feel bad (and priveleged) that the general public is ignorant to his secret weapon.