Friday, July 11, 2008

Are We Done yet?

Are we done yet? Should we be done yet? These are the questions on my mind these days regarding our beloved Sixies. Have we made huge strides in becoming not only relevant, but also a true player in the eastern conference? I think we have. Our favorite squadron should be 10 wins better this season. Let us take a moment to look at our starting five if the season were to start tomorrow:

PG- 'Dre miller
SG- Iggy Diggy Do
SF-Young Thad
PF-Elton Brand

On paper, This lineup looks to be good, really good. Reggie Evans is a very good player when coming off the bench top provide a spark. Lou Will is instant offense off the bench and I believe Willard Green can be the same sort of guy. I do have a couple of questions about the team though. I may be crazy, I may listen to too much 610, but the way I see it is that we are in need of a true shooting guard. I am not saying its time to sign and trade Iggy, and I am not saying eventually he will not be able to bung tres from all over the court, but right now we need a shooter. Lets examine all possibilities:

1) Get ourselves a 15-20 minute a game dead eye sharpshooter. Without making any trades and in effect keeping our team intact the way it stands now, we have 4 legit options in my mind. All four of these men are free agents.
a) Eddie House - There is no doubt that this man can flat out shoot. he has a billion tats and is married to Mike Bibby's sister. This last fact obviously lends itself to us landing young Edward as his Father in law is also a coach on our bench.
b)Matt Barnes - It would be a homecoming of sorts for this man. Like Bruce Bowen and Raja bell before him, he wasn't good when he was here, but after he left got good. For once let us bask in your improvement and bring it back to where it all started Matt! Yes he is a forward, but in the season when he got his most burn, the man went 106-290 from the land of trey(a 37% avg.)
c) Derek Anderson - yes this guy is way old and not really that good. Could he come in for 12-16 minutes a night and hit some open jumpies thanks to a Elton Brand double team? I think so. That's bout all i can say about this man.
d) Dajuan Wagner - Who is that I hear you asking? What!! You forget already? A Camden high school legend who dropped 100 in game, was Harriet Hickeys prize student, and appears to have his bags packed and ready to go right now. Apparently he is making a comeback, is healthy and killing it in the summer league. C'mon fast Eddie give him a shot!

2) I am not necessarily for this course of action, but I just want to through it out there for public consumption. Sign and trade Iggy. Why? If we could get a legit starting 2 who can shoot the rock we might be really really good. Elton WILL command the double team, thus creating open shoots for our wing players. On the one hand this might be all our guys need to start bungin em from everywhere, on the other maybe we just need a shooter. I have two proposals for possible(plausible? nah) trades.
a) Iggy for Monta Ellis - I love love love Monta, he is real young, has a deadly mid range game and might be the fastest player in the league. The only problem is he is actually worse than Iggy at shooting the three ball.
b) Iggy for Rippard Hamilton - I don't love rip, I did go to basketball camp with him, him and his brother Bo wore the gayest T-shirts that had on sleeve cut off and the other in tassels. Why Does this make sense? Because this guy can nail an open jumper, which he would have plenty of thanks to Mr. brand.

- I just want to make it clear that I want to keep number 9 on board and keep building, just wanted to start a dialogue on my own with the help of others...(see DVDubs)
- Good luck this weekend Dan, wish you the best...take it from a married guy, your life is OVER! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA(diabolical sounding laugh)