Thursday, March 1, 2007


Got the chance to sit courtside for last nights incredible, improbable triumph over the high-flying Phoenix Suns. Sammy D is even more insane up close than he is on TV. Amare abused Sam and Steven Hunter all game, but he does that to everone. Sam came up with great pick and roll defense when it mattered most, and of course sealed the game with a turnaround J in Amare's grill as the shot clock expired, forcing a red-faced and exasperated D'Antoni into a timeout and propelling all 19 Sixers fans in attendance onto their feet in a rousing ovation.

Also got a chance to speak with a friend of Steve Solms' who scouts for the Clippers. His take on Sammy: "He's improving. Noticeably." Encouraging words. He also called Iguodala one of "the top young talents in the league", though he looked confused when asked about the prospects of Louis Williams III.

More importantly, loyal Dalembert Report reader Drewey Cheesesteaks has alerted us to the presence of this improbable YouTube clip, which demonstrates the shocking fact that not only is there someone out there who loves Sammy as much as we do, but that he/she has video editing skills and listen to really bad modern rock. Enjoy.


  1. As terrible as it was, that song was pretty fitting lyrically. My favorite part of the movie was the lone 20 footer.

  2. That video is incredible. Once I realized which buttrock song that was, I was in tears laughing. "I hate everything about you. Why do I love you?" Classic. The only thing that would have made the video better is if it was a compilation of lowlights: the many bricks, dropped passes, goaltends and flagrant fouls of Dalembert.