Friday, March 16, 2007

Go Go Gadgets

The NBA is filled with hilarious people. While hilarious people say hilarious things, annoying people tend to be annoying. Here is a recent interview with our favorite hilarious man.

Me: Sam, tough loss to Chicago the other night. Does a loss like that linger for a couple days?
Sam: It does. Often weeks. But I have to remind myself, I have other things in life to be happy about. After a game I'll go do this to enjoy life again and be peaceful inside.

Me: Wow Sammy I had no idea you were into photography. What inspires you?
Sam: A lot of things in everyday life. Women mostly. And toys. And the zoo.

Me: There's a lot of talk about the NBA Draft and how the Sixers should be losing to secure a higher pick. How do you feel about that?
Sam: I agree with it 100%.

Me: But you just said how a tough loss affects you for days, even weeks.
Sam: I was kidding!! If we get Oden or Durant we'll be so good everybody will be happy. I just want people to be happy.

Me: But you are still playing your hardest, right?
Sam: Of course. Unless Mr. Snider comes into the locker room and brings Coach Mo into the office and has a talk and Coach Mo comes out and tells us we should lose. But that only happened once or twice, and not for a while. Otherwise I play very hard.

Me: So will you guys beat Utah tonight?
Sam: I am expecting a loss. A win would be very surprising.