Sunday, February 25, 2007

Specifics on Draft Pick, Alan Henderson, and Juqua Thomas

Hello Sixers fans,

The Dalembert Report is dedicated to bringing you the information you need to know. With that in mind, we journey to the far end of the internets to find, retrieve, and spit shine the little nuggets of sports minutia you can't live without. Here's what we found out today:

As relates to the NBA draft: The Denver pick which the Sixers own is protected if it becomes the 1st pick. This sucks. It's also a minor miracle that Billy King didn't agree to protect it through the first 50 picks of the draft. We'll settle for Denver missing the playoffs and getting the 2nd pick, and hope our own pick becomes the 1st.

As relates to the trade of Alan Henderson: That's right folks, we even take the time and brain power to report on matters as unimportant and nondescript as Alan Henderson. The actual sentence-As relates to the trade of Alan Henderson-will never appear again in any media outlet in any language at any time for the rest of time, so consider this a historic moment in blogging. Back to the point, last week the Sixers traded Alan Henderson, a solid 2-3 minute player with the kind of knee braces that could hold up a sequoia tree in a windstorm, to the Utah Jazz in a strange deal. We traded him for the right to swap second round picks in this years draft. What's strange is the fact that the Jazz are good and the Sixers are bad, and the Sixers pick will clearly be much higher. The trade appears pointless but smells fishy. So, we asked Phil Jasner, long-time Daily News beat writer and big-time Sammy D fan for his opinion. Here's what he said:

there's much more to it. it's complicated, and i don't have all the information yet. when i do, it will be in the paper." **

You heard it here first, when Phil Jasner figures it out, he will write about it in the paper. Then we'll read it, put it here and take credit for it. Stay tuned.

As relates to QB's getting sacked: Another piece of reporting done here and only here(not counting reporting done by internet and newspaper people) relates to one of my favorite football players: Juqua Thomas. Not only is his name a simple reminder of the joy of Q as a letter, but some of my favorite memories of the Eagles season don't involve Jeff Garcia or Brian Westbrook, by golly they involve Juqua. Sack after sack he would rise from the fallen quarterback and I would yell out "Jew-kway!!!" with a mixture of surprise and excitement that only a unheralded and previously unknown player with a Q in his name could provide. Anywho, his pending free agency has caused me many a sleepless night and my fingernails are down to the nub. But, I'm here to report that he WILL be back with the Eagles in 2007 and beyond. It's been agreed upon. I'm in the know. I know. It's a done deal. Now if we can just sign Dante Stallworth, everything will be cool. Until training camp starts and idiot Eagles fans start booing McNabb.

**actual quote from Phil Jasner word is bond