Sunday, March 18, 2007

Breakin' Ribs(and hearts)

Pay close attention to the illegal yet brutally effective "pick" Sammy sets on the poor defender who is trying to guard Kyle Korver. Not only did Sam set a great "pick" which freed up Korver for the wide open game winner(boo), but if you watch closely he also broke the poor Utah defender in half and left him crumpled on the floor, crawling around gasping for air. The announcer even sounds hurt by it, and refers to it as "a deadly screen". Well done Sammy. Pay attention NBA: Sam Dalembert is a man with bad intentions, sharp elbows, and crack-back blocking talent unseen since Rick Mahorn menaced the league with the high fade box. Not even The Dalembert Report is certain what might happen if Sam mixes his natural talent with a cavalier thuggishness.

Lastly, while ribs are on my mind, I'd like to ask our comrade and resident rib-ologist Mister Mo over at The Rib Report what he's heard about the rib output from Utah. I'm sure Joseph Smith and Brigham Young left a secret sect recipe for loyal followers to bar-b-que with during special events like weddings and.....more weddings. What's in that secret sauce Mister Mo? Besides Big Love.

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