Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Buck 'Em Down

Intrepid Sixers beat writer Joe Juliano came through with some fascinating Sammy D insights yesterday. According to the article, not only do the Sixers hold an annual paintball outing, but our own favorite Haitian center is apparently the teams leading bucktowner.

"We are all amateurs when it comes to paintball," guard Willie Green said. "None of us are professionals except maybe Sam. Sam had a bazooka. I think he had like two 9-millimeter paintball guns and grenades. He came ready. I had to rent."

We knew that Sam learned to handle a machete, but apparently he's adjusted pretty well to American weaponry. I bet I know what his favorite amendment is!

Click here to read the whole article.

Sam had 20 boards in a loss (win) tonight against the Sonics. Maybe he should paintball more often.

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