Sunday, December 21, 2008

Riddle Me This...

From and for the double-ee's among us comes a new DR feature...the weekly riddle. Well, it may become weekly, depending on how many dead arms I accrue this week as a result of frustration and general hated of nerds.

The rules are simple: First correct answer in the comments wins a prize from EDG. Complaints, questions and disputes are encouraged, though they may not be heeded.

This week's answer will be a 7-word sentence. Each clue has a one word answer. Google is your friend, but not necessarily your savior. And away we go...

1. First name of a murderous movie character who shares a last name with the titular hero of a disney channel show.

2. Nickname of a former linebacker with presumably miniscule Polish testicles.

3. First word in the title of a Matthew Modine movie about God's punishment to homosexuals (according to Jerry Falwell).

4. First name of a well-known Philly baller who a DR staff member once met in a college cafeteria
or, in case I am the only one who remembers the story: First name of a well-known Philly baller who shares a last name with the units of kinematic viscosity.

5. Last name of a man who in 1936 showed up the namesake of a child whom Shop-Rite denied a birthday cake in 2008.

6. Homonym for the first part of the nom-de-plume of a famous cartoonist whose last name is the same as the lead character in a John Candy movie with an interrogative title.

7. A leading cause of cancer in Great Britain (hint: Rhymes with the second word in the name of an IPA brewed in New Haven, Connecticut)


  1. I commend the riddle master for the work done.

    However, I find it nearly impossible to think while reading the DR and thus will watch from the sideline while the riddle is de-riddled.

    The sideline. Answer to the question: where should Andy Reid NOT be allowed next season?

  2. Truest answer ever:

    Tony Romo and Terrell Owens are fags


  3. This riddle thing sucks.

    PS) How'd the Eagles do yesterday?

  4. PPS) Nice new heading on the "other blogs I read" section. This coupled with the answer to the riddle and the fact that my trip to Texas has thus far made me a bitter, bitter woman does not bode well for you people. HATERS!

  5. Sayne,

    Just because you cant figure out the answer to the riddle doesnt mean it sucks. Stande worked hard on his riddle and you come in here and shit on it. For shame.

  6. wow. Impressive comeback,

  7. "Look at that pathetic, little...falacy."

  8. Oh sure, flintskins, ruin it for us all... Actually, nicely done.

    (For the love of Joselio, Stand, watch this link)

  9. hello dear dr. DR

    nuff said.


    your most sincere and loyal and erect readers.