Thursday, December 18, 2008

67.25 Million - 13.76 Million = W's

I know what you must be saying: "Bubak, what kind of funny math are you using to come up with 67.25 - 13.76= W's?"

Simple, take the Sixers payroll, subtract EB's salary and voila! WINS. Ask yourself, when is it a good thing for your team's 80 million dollar man to go down six weeks into his first season? When you have a big young athletic black man who is apparently a friend of the gays...that's when. I see this separated shoulder as blessing in disguise, in fact the only thing that could be better for this team would be if our Elton looked like this Elton. For one, with EB out for at least a month we will get to see how good of a coach Mr. West Germany is. Can he come up with new and inventive ways for our beloved Sixies to score in the half court? How Will Mr. Tony do it without our only legit half court scorer? If can keep West German broads in line he can do anything.

The best and most important thing about this injury is that we'll get to watch Marreese blossom into the beast that I know he is. Secondly, without that slow fucker EB we will be able to do what we do best... run run run. Last season when we were at our best we were running. Just imagine Dre Miller captaining the ship also known as REO Speedwagon with jet engines AI, Young Thad, and Marreese joining him. Add in some Sammy D grabbin boards and blocking shots and now you're talking. I think I may have just messed myself thinking about it. If things go the way I am foreseeing them, I may have to start a new blog titled the Marreese Report.

My video of the post is an oldie but a goodie that most of you have seen at least once, but I watched it today and I like it.


  1. Chick Lo has some incredible moves. Nicely done.

    Just (bi) curious, Bubak, were you referring to Frank Viola?

  2. This post got me thinking about all kinds of things to comment on. Then I watched the video and forgot them all.

    Why, exactly, wasn't that video shown at the wedding?

  3. No joke, I feel like that is the EXACT same math Michael Williamson taught me in middle school. Only later did his tutorial, and impetus behind it, become all too clear.

  4. i totally forgot how amazing that video is.

  5. DVDubs, it now reads voila, not Frank Viola. Happy king?

  6. That is most incredible thing I've ever seen.

  7. that video is pure genius. it made my morning. thanks for sharing. i hope they make you another video for your anniversary.

  8. no, i have not seen this one yet.

    holy shit am i glad i did now.