Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Some People Call Him Marreese

Lost in the momentous events of the past week, the NuhBuh debut of a young man named Marreese aka the Speights Cowboy has received little attention in this space or elsewhere. But people, ignore him at your own risk! I say it is time we refocus our attention and efforts on that black-clad squadron of rebels and ne'er-do-wells that ply their trade at the former FU Center. Basketball season hath begun, and it is time we stopped wallowing in our own glory and got back to doing what we do best, which is pointing out the bright spots on our possibly fatally flawed basketball team!

The season has begun in disappointing fashion, with the squad looking rudderless and lost without the leadership of the great K.O. Iguodala has been looking like an $85 million version of Rodney Buford, while E. Brand cries out not only for a better nickname but also for some consistent half court sets and the possibility of a Sixer who can knock down an open J. But fear not; I have confidence that by the end of this campaign it will be Louwill and Young Thad leading the squad to glory, with the brothers 'Dre reduced to supporting roles and the Speights Cowboy abusing the C's frontline like the bich nga's we all know them to be.

Changing sports gears is a slower process when you've just won the World Series, but now that we can officially write off the Eagles season and Obama has been set on his quest for world domination, it's time we refocused our energies. The Sixies need us, and, despite public opinion to the contrary, we need them too.


  1. I am ready to turn my attention to the Sixers, but I proceed with caution. It's been fun being surprised by their random winning streaks and talented youth. But now they bear the burden of expectations, so they better come correct. Plus, the jews in the first row might revolt if we don't produce - and by Jews I mean Giul and his cronies.

  2. I think that when players receive huge, often undeserved, contracts, as Brand and Andre Iggy did, there is often a lull afterwards, across sports, a sudden lack of motivation. Hell, it took Ry How a REAL long time to get his shit together this season... Still he did produce. Hopefully, the Sixies big guys will do the same (but not take as long to get into gear).

  3. Ready to eat yor words about Damp or Diop? You know where to reach me.