Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pic of the Day

Sammy D had an amazing line last night of 20 minutes, 2 points, 2 rebounds and 6 fouls. But as we all know, using statistics to measure Sammy's performance is like trying to count raindrops or quantify the shapes of individual snowflakes. What's important is that the Sixies last night ran out a front court of Sammy, 'Reese and Young Thad, which is like the basketball equivalent of hiring Latarian Milton to be your chaffeur.

Anyways, here is your Pic of the Day. I hope it captures the mood out there on this rain-soaked Thursday in Philly:


  1. Is this a product of your recent iphone procurement? Because if it is, I take back everything I ever said about it.

  2. Unless Sam just hit up the NY subway, that is a theft from some other site. My man's use of creamsicle colored thread is commendable. And that very well might be Andre 3000

  3. That's who I thought it was too at first. Incredible. We're so in-stink!

  4. why does a black man with long legs and a funky colored wardrobe automatically=Andre 3000?? Racial Profiling Andre

  5. I don't take back anything I said; I-Phone procurement is for falcons.

  6. If criminal organizations were smart and held an annual criminal draft, Latarian Milton would be the #1 grade-school prospect by a million miles. He's the Lebron of the class of 2018. Unless his mom-mom kills him before then. Let's all keep our eyes out for his next great feat of theft.

  7. well... that's something I have ever seen
    but now wish was a popular fashion
    very rare occurrence
    All I know is those shirts with gigantic collars in old paintings, with all the ruffles etc. such as this one..
    I'm rocking my collection from now on!
    be gone haters
    self expression is cool like tricycles
    peace out!

  8. Reminds me of Demolition Man, where cryogenically frozen prisoners of the future are taught skills such as hand to hand combat, special weapons techniques and knitting.