Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just to Piss Stand Watie Off...

and get the girls all fired up:

It's college basketball season people!


  1. He's just too white and nerdy...

    And he had an incredible dunk on a dude who is 7'7":


  2. To cross-pollinate blogs, Tyler Hansbrough is Big Firm's Azizam.

  3. when you click on the picture of Psycho T it takes you to page with an infinitely larger picture, one which it is impossible to navigate away from unless you close down your browser, wipe your hard drive clean and have your computer exorcised.

  4. also, congrats to dvdubs for being the first and last person ever to use the term "cross-pollinate" on this blog.

  5. Psycho T-bag is a huge gaylord and seems generally douchey. Only Lance Amsterdam could help him.

  6. It's stand watie not stand whitie. I demand a retraction and correction.

  7. My mistake. It's just been so long since your name blessed these fine pages. And I'm assuming this pissed you off, so you can't rain on this parade.

  8. Shut up, Stand Whitie.

    We partied with Psycho T in Chapel Hill....Well, in the next room from him, and he was in his fancy grey shirt.

    He is a falcon with dumb and dumber bangs, but Big Firm's love for him, to cross-pollinate ("there it is again, so strong") tickles my pickle...Prohmo.

    I didn't watch the game, but apparently, Kentucky was awf last night, and I couldn't care less. Go FSU, go Temple. P.S. I see the tall whitey from Temple's team, who looks like a retarded Michael Phelps, frequently on campus.

  9. I thought Stand Whitie was intentional. I liked it better that way.

  10. El Diablo "clicks" on Psycho T's picture.....

    Does Temple play UNC this year?

    Hoot Hoot, Motherfuckers!

    This is the guy I was talking about in my previous comment (I think it will be readily evident):