Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just because...


  1. I love Minute, and his three-point stylings, and Refrigerator Perry-ass-kicking-ways. Sir "Flakey White Stuff" Charles is cool too.

    Why has no one written about Rick Mahorn beating Lisa Leslie's ass...Oh yeah, he barely touched her. She should be able to kick his fat out of shape derier any day of the week. Yet another reason why the WNBA blows. Chief Naka should debate this event with Jean Hunt at the next Naka/Hunt family dinner.

    To commemorate the late-great Tra, I offer you this gem of a vignette (apologies to those of you who have heard this story before):

    Tra and I were eating dinner at McNally's in the Chestnut Hill district of Philly. There was basketball up on the tiny monitors behind the bar (it was of-season for the NBA, mind you). Tra got excited, and the dialogue went as follows:

    Tra: "What is that, basketball?"

    I glance up.

    DVW: "It's the WNBA."

    Tra: "Oh...Fake basketball."

    DVW (Sighting their advertising slogan): "Come on, Dad, they got game."

    Tra: "They got lay-up...They got nothin'."

    Cheauvanism at it's finest.

    Unrelated, but still hilarious:

    Tra and I were eating at a deli in Ann Arbor, MI. They had an employee that was qualified to say, "Welcome to McDonald's. May I help you?" I'll leave it at that. Oh wait, no I won't:

    I know, I know...I'm going to hell. "Who's coming with me?"

    So, anyway, Tra and I finish our meal, and we are about to clean up our table oursleves when Tra asked me, "Should we let Downey get it?" I was apalled, but couldn't help but laugh.

    Please don't think ill of my dad for his insensitive, yet comedic, comments I have cited, but rather, remember him for the great man (and huge Phightins, Birds, Sixies, and Flyboys fan) he was.

    Let us also not forget, he was also fond of Minute, and Charles's rejections, penchant for ripping 6 rebounds in a row before putting the rock away in the bucket, and patented two-handed dunks:

    To Big Firm, El Diablo Grande, and Joey Crack:
    Enjoy many an "Uh huh huh huuuhhhhh....And she stepped on the ball"s in there once was a boy from Nanfucket. Wear your checkered madras shorts, golf cleats and/or indoor soccer shoes or penny loafers without socks, sweatervests and/or sweater tied 'round the neck, proudly. Flintskins will join you shortly in glorious snobbery by becoming an honorary jew/wasp (or waspy jew).

  2. Longest DR post in the history of DR posts. Long live Sammy D, and may he only play for the Sixers throughout his long illustrious career, lest he be struck by lightning:

  3. Firm you've done it again... i've been looking for this clip for years. DVDubs enthusiasm for commenting is matched only by his enthusiasm for misspellings. have in fun in colorado you queee-eah.

  4. F you, you BROWN Doodie.