Wednesday, August 13, 2008

An-dre Ig-uo Dollah...dollah....dollah

Midnight in the garden of Sixers two guards, and new AI has turned from a pumpkin into a giant wagonload of cash money. ESPN says he's getting 80 mil for 6 years; the Sixies say there's no deal yet which makes me think he's probably getting a bit less than that. I would imagine his deal is very similar to the one Luol Deng signed a few weeks ago, which was something like 72 million but could reach 80 with incentives. That being said, what new AI is getting should certainly be enough for him to purchase a Lower Merion swimming pool and fill it with gold a la Uncle Scrooge.

Did we overpay new AI? Probably. Was it worth it? Maybe.

Signing Iggy, Brand and Louwill severely limits the Sixies cap flexibility for the next few years. We should still be eligible for the midlevel exception, and so long as Cromcast is willing to go over the cap to extend Andre Miller next season, we should be able to keep this team intact. With Young Thad's emergence as an up-and-coming superstar next year, I think we're poised to represent in the East. However if this team doesnt work out, we're severely fucked until the summer of 2011, when the bargain-basement Sammy D deal (gasp!) comes off the books.

At any rate, despite the loss of J Suave this team looks pretty good to me. All we are missing is a inathletic white guy to wave a towel and cheer from the bench. Perhaps Steve Capanna is available.