Monday, August 18, 2008

I Might Live Forever!!!!!!!

Due to this new evidence on longevity, I think I may never die!


  1. Incredi-bul bubak.

    As if I didn't love Ernest Borgnine before; now I like him even more.

    Like Nas, I fucking hate Fox News. I applaud Ernest ability to make them shit themselves with his unexpected comment. What a bunch of douches.

  2. Seems like there should be more olympic coverage going on...There are plenty of things to write about; Howard tearing Germany a new one, Phelps with 8 gold medals, Nastia Lukin being robbed by a 12 year old opressor of Tibet named He (Hate Me), Jamaicans blowing fools away on the track and slowing up and pounding their chest while doing so (an FSU alum got the bronze in the 100) badminton, etc.

    Just trying to light a fire, or an olympic torch ("I'm sorry, I'm sorry" "Very good, very good") under your asses.

    ...Or writing about the Phightins is always good.

  3. Bubak, You should pull a Hammond and play for Team Australia.

  4. I speak for my colleagues here when I say that the olympics have received the appropriate coverage.

  5. I speak for Bobak when I say, "Shut up, Fintan."

    Drew, I know you have a new (blow)job, and many new big gay friends in your hood in Chi-town occupying your time, but where you at cuz? ...Just kidding; I can't very well call out the most prolific of DR contributors.

    Are you a Cubs fan yet?