Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just follow the little ball

From the department of "this could have been us," regular DR visitor and avid reader/blogger himself Big Ben from the streets of Manayunk submits this gem courteous of Comcast Sportsnet. Neil Hartman never disappoints! A few things to take particular note of: 1) Sammy is apparently in attendance with Kel, but no Kenan; 2) He refers to the puck repeatedly as a little ball, which can't sit well with his teammates on the Canadian national team, or its famous alum.

Props to the first man to get a Dalembert Flyers Jersey, indeed.


  1. inspiring stuff. its videos like this that remind us why we spend so much time and effort (ok, minimal time and effort) chronicling the misadventures if the great sammy d, truly the most likeable player in the entire NuhBuh and an inspiration to us all.

  2. I love big Todd Macullough...I think I spelled that wrong, but that's okay because I love misspelling the names of big Irishmen and Scotts (one in the same, if you ask me), Fanton Molony being one of them.

  3. No Dan. Scots are pussies who laid down for the faggy British to claim them. Us Irish on the other hand, drank our way out of it. Fahg.