Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sometimes the rap game reminds me of the crack (baby) game

Long time no talk folks. My absence from the DR has been a lengthy, and largely inexcusable one, and while I can't expect your forgiveness, I can present an offering of peace. Posting videos of Sammy D at his finest has been a mainstay of the DR, but with our beloved Sixers now officially scheduling tee times and closing out Palmers nightly with no fear of feigned retribution from Mo, I wouldn't want to dredge up any more depression from the dejected souls who were double-crossed into believing that we would still be engaged in playoff basketball. However, that will not stop me from introducing the loyal DR following to another man who is a master of his field. Sammy D dominates the hardwood almost as much as this man dominates a freestyle cipher. Ladies and gentlemen, courtesy of DR non-reader PSK, I give you Eli Porter:

Let's go.