Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hace La Lluvia


We've been out of touch. Even the Sixies not-so-stunning victories over the Pissheads and Sammy D's far more stunning 22 and 16 extravaganza were not enough to bring me back to the internet. But if our beloved hero can channel his inner Artest than certainly we feel it is our duty to provide the DR faithful with an update.

Update #1 - As I write this, the Sixies are down 12 and looking overmatched. Even the power of Sammy's "Strong Defense" has not been enough to compete with a fired up Pistons squad and a hype home crowd. However we keep the faith, and possibly by the time I've finished this post the tide will have turned.

Update #2 - A probationer and probable DR reader by the alias name of D. Gunn was recently unfortunate enough to be arrested for shoplifting whereupon he handled the matter in the only way sensible by pulling out the syringes that he generally keeps in his pocket and threatening the police with blood that he claimed was AIDS infected. Here's wishing him safe passage through the halls of justice.

Update #3 - This incomprehensible photograph:

Update #4 - Josh Smith has earned himself a max deal, thus pricing him out of the Sixers range. Conversely though, Iguodala has cost himself at least 10 million bucks through this dismal ass display thus hopefully making sure that we dont pay him large stacks of undeserved stackola.

Update #5 - Big props to DR corporation counsel Big Firm who is graduating from law school and also waiting for the Austrian police to come knocking at his door.

Sixers have cut the lead to 10. Keep the faith people, keep the faith.


  1. Just as when Reg Evans hits an 18 footer, I am SHOCKED - but elated - to see a new post. Of course no sooner do I mention his name does Reg decide to take a much needed point off the scoreboard by sticking his big and presumably hideous paw in the lane too early. It would appear we don't like scoring on fast breaks. In any event, thank you eldiablogrande for making this Tuesday a tolerable one and for likely saving DVW with your high larious words. GO SIXERS.

  2. Yes, saving me indeed, like a preacher on high where Sammy D is the profit.

    I love the Sixies.

    And the picture is, of course, of Big Eric.

    Thanks for coming out of hiding, El Diablo Rushdie.