Thursday, April 3, 2008

Addendum Alert!!!

Yesterday I posted a nugget (at the exact same time as Flintskins beloved Dan Gross) about an anonymous sixer. Turns out the sixer is none other than...Jason Smith. Not only did he make out with a pornstar, eww go clean your mouth out with bleach, but she said he was a good kisser to boot.


  1. My apologies kind sir, upon further review, Dan Gross' item from yesterday did source the NY Post. I respectfully await my public flogging.

  2. Public flogging eh? I always knew you were a voyer at heart you big sexy bitch!

  3. If someone doesn't post something soon, I am going to have to...And we all know, "it wouldn't be good."

    Don't make me call you a bunch of Amundsons...I guess I just did.

  4. uhhhh. What the fuck is going on?

  5. Sixers in the playoffs, Flyers in the playoffs, Phils beat the Mets: so much to write about.

    Amundsons; all of yas.