Tuesday, March 11, 2008

To Bung, or Not to Bung

Let it never be said that the Dalembert Report is intolerant to differing viewpoints (even though we are). Certain parts of our readership have been demanding they be heard with regards to what (they claim) is a significant editorial lapse on our part (they are stupid). Anyway, here is Toof, who claims to be inventor of the verb "to bung".

In response to the DR's flagrantly inappropriate reference to Sammy D's capacity as a bung artist yesterday, this faithful DR reader feels that is imperative that he clarify the boundaries for the proper use of a term he first coined. You won't learn about what is means to bung by looking up bung in the dictionary and you won't learn what it means to bung by watching this. This is because Sammy D is still looking for his first successful experience bunging.

Get Real Sammy D! It aint gonna happen. No Way. Yeah Right. It's just not a skill they teach you in Haiti. However, Sammy D is probably the only player in the NBA who could do this.

So that still leaves us with the question of what it means to bung? The answer is simple. Although a bung artist might be able to do this, only this is the true and proper definition of what it means to bung. Rex Chapman, the Godfather of bung.


  1. Oh how quickly we forget. While I am more than willing to give you credit for originating the term, I must take umbrage at the video you have chosen of the world's greatest bald white player purportedly "bunging". To bung is to knock down a jumpie by hitting the back of the rim so that the ball goes straight down without moving the net. Despite the poor quality of the Rex video, even a blind man such as myself could see that the trey was not bunged--it was clearly whapped.

    KG is the real King of Bung.

  2. "To bung is to knock down a jumpie by hitting the back of the rim so that the ball goes straight down without moving the net. "

    Survey says... Incorrect!!

    Before you purport to know what it means to bung you must first learn to bung yourself. KG is neither the king of bung or a particularly successful bung artist. Knocking down jumpies off the back rim will never meet the threshold or bunging.It is an act that reuires its own appropriate term. Bunging is taking flagrant and shameless 3-point attempts and making them. You could bung it off the goddamn ceiling or the backboard or the shot clock if it so pleases you to do so.

  3. what the fuck is a jumpie?

  4. What the hell has happened to this place in my absence? Until a term like 'bung' is used to represent an act of sexual deviancy, I simply must consider it, and those that use it, to be homothugs.