Friday, March 14, 2008

Photo of the Day

I can't really tell what's going on in this photo. Has the kid just slain the bear and is now feasting on its flesh while displaying the head as a trophy? Is it an extremely lifelike Halloween costume? Is he using it as an intimidating key fob to deter would be stick up auteurs from stealing his enormous key? I just can't tell. Enlighten me, O illustrious DR readership! Find me the answer to this most pressing of questions!!!

Also, in case nobody noticed, the Sixers beat the Pistons on Wednesday. Did you hear me people??? The SIXERS beat the PISTONS!!! Which circumstance led to our high school correspondent Willa to compose the following ode to DeShawn Stevenson's beard, sung to the tune of 'My Favorite Things':

Sideburns and whiskers and goatees and 'staches
Choppers and handlebars, full beards and patches,
Hairs that connect from my chin to my ears
These are a few of my favorite beards,

When the razor cuts
When the soap burns
When the scissors chop
I simply remember my favorite beards,
And then I must leave... the barber shop.

Have a good weekend people, and try not to drink too many Bay Breezes!!!!!