Monday, March 17, 2008

The Farmer in Wisconsin Dells

Sixers beat Spurs on Saturday with El Diablo, Stand Watie and Chief Naka in attendance in addition to metrosexual cousin of Giuliano. Sammy D signals end of Spurs dynasty with bruising defense on Duncan capped by backbreaking rejection down the stretch. Manu Dunks, Bowen Hacks, Toneee Drives, rest of Spurs ingest Geritol and reminisce about the days they could play basketball without aid from walkers. Reggie Evans continues to be a black man doin' his thang, runnin' for president, hittin' that ass.

Sixers have run their record to 33 - 34 and are on the rise like Big Firm's hormone levels after watching this. Could anything be more satisfying than hitting the .500 mark on Wednesday during a 170 point outburst against the prodigal son aka the artist formerly known as Andre Miller? Like Marv Albert and Joseph P. Goryeb, the Dalembert Report says yesssssssss!!!!