Friday, March 7, 2008

I Got Monkey Tooooooooooooo!

TDR's Los Angeles bureau comes to us with the following bit of Dalembert news, courtesy of an inside source who was staying at the same hotel as the Sixers during their recent west coast swing.

"I was chillin' by the pool around 3pm" relates the source, "when I see none other than SAMMY D putting the moves on a fine young coed-looking jawn over a pina colada daiquiri. She couldn't have been more than 90 pounds for real! Sammy's pimp game was off the charts, and I could see he was impressing said jawn with his charming Haitian accent and command of Shakespearean sonnets. Sammy can really deliver a rhyming couplet! Anyways, I walked past and made eye contact with Willie Green, who simply shrugged in Sammy's direction and rolled his eyes. 10 minutes later, Sam was escorting the young lass up to his hotel room. Keep in mind this was all happening at 3 in the afternoon!"

It's stories like these that make us at TDR realize that our faith in Sammy is not misplaced. Less than 4 hours after this 'interlude' Sam was bunging down hook shots on Chris Kaman to the tune of 11 and 11, and the Sixers were well on their way to their 28th win. As Tha Bul Bubak once said to me whilst rubbing a Smazny Syr across the scrotum of a Czech boy scout: That's How The Players Do.

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