Friday, March 28, 2008

Free Shit Friday

Here at the DR we expect a lot of our readers. We expect you to check in many times a day even though many of us (OK, just me) contributers don't feel it necessary to post with regularity. We expect you to read our oftentimes barely coherent posts, click on an absurd amount of hyperlinks, watch very, very strange youtube videos, comment, not take offense to generally disgustingly offensive shit and dammit if we don't expect you to do it all with a smile. In our egomaniacal minds, we tend to assume that being awarded the privilege to get inside of our morbid heads for a few minutes a day is enough of a reward for all of you, but in a rare moment of clarity today, it occurred to me that maybe you (greedy bastards that you all can be) wanted, nay, deserved more.

I, for one, am not prepared to give away money, or any material possessions for that matter, and I suspect my co-d's here feel the same way. Recent headlines out of New York suggest that offering my body as a prize would be unwise, even in spite of the spectacularly high demand, so I'm left with the only item of substance I have left that could effectively be bestowed upon the masses: pirated, copyrighted music. Every Friday (or thereabouts, let's be honest, I'm not the most reliable of Irishmen, which is quite a statement) I'll drop some bangers on you, and do my best to relate somehow to Sammy D and his Philly sports peers, but if I don't just be happy that I'm not charging. Yet.

Before I begin with the copyright infringement, I'd like to ask you all to take a moment to view the below clip, courtesy of youtube:

Remember that? If not, be prepared to be reminded of it this evening when Shaquille O'Neal comes to town for the first time in a Suns jersey. What Shaq may not know is that Sammy D cares not about what you wear, he cares only about bitch slapping your basketball out of the air and sure as shit isn't changing his ways tonight. Similarly (or not?) the rest of the boys in white, red, black and gold plan to go Globetrotters on the desert dwellers this evening, making it rain in style. In ironic honor of that, the first song of the day is:

Shaq featuring Biggie - "Can't Stop the Reign"

The Phillies begin the season on Monday,taking on the glorified minor leaguers, the Washington Nationals. The Phils had a shit Spring Training run, but there's no reason not to believe Cousin Jimmy's off-season predictions, as he is still batting 1.000 in that department. So, on behalf of the Phightin's, enjoy the following highly uninspired choice:

Main Source - A Friendly Game of Baseball

I really don't have anything to report on the Eagles, other than that they signed a couple of guys this past week that I've never heard of and likely will be cut before the season starts. So, I've chosen the following two songs because I remember wearing an Eagles jersey when I bought the mixtape that they were on back in '95:

Nas - Understanding

The Lox feat. Biggie - Bad Boys

Finally, I really have nothing on the Flyers (or Phantoms for that matter) other than I know a lot of white people play hockey, and a lot of white people watch hockey. A lot of white poeple also live in Fishtown (including our very own Bubak), and therefore this seems appropriate:

An Ode to Fishtown

So, assuming no legal action between now and then, check back next week for more free shit, courtesy of your friends at the DR. Have an excellent weekend, and whatever you do, don't allow me anywhere near a TV set after 3AM. Somebody is bound to get hurt.

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