Sunday, February 25, 2007

Well Done Boys!!

Tired Legs and Mental Fatigue Pay Off For Sixers

A post-All-Star season that began so ominously with a demoralizing win over the Knicks last Wednesday rebounded with the buoyancy of Sammy D's singing voice, as the Sixers posted two brilliant losses to fellow basement-dwellers over the weekend.

Back-to-back blowouts to Charlotte and Milwaukee did more than just solidify, if only for a day or so, our envious lottery position. More important than numbers is the statement we made: "We are STILL committed to losing to bad teams and NOT afraid of under-performing and casual losing streaks".

These statements come as a relief to millions of Sixers fans who began to
assume the worst, that this team is beginning to grow and develop a year too soon for their own good. We'll see if they stay true to their word and keep up this impressive showing through next week, when they have a slate of dangerous and winnable games on tap.

As for Sammy, he shot 7-10 in thirty minutes of playing time, scoring 15 points(made his only free throw!! Good focus Sam!), procuring 6 rebounds, hacking up the opposition only once, and committing 3 turnovers. I didn't see the entire game and cannot make an accurate estimate for his Dalembert count, but 5 is always is a good solid guess. Lastly, he extended his streak of having more fouls(1) than assists(0) to a whopping 343 games.

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