Thursday, February 12, 2009


A few things I'd like to mention.

The Sixers are fun again. Maybe one day they will be both fun and legit, but until that day I will take solace in the former.

Andre Eyegudahla. I'm going crazy trying to understand and properly slot his potential. In general it's probably best to underestimate him rather than the opposite. When I expect only a solid all-around game devoid of 4th quarter heroics and big offensive numbers I enjoy him all the more. That's when he sneaks up on you and makes game-winning plays.

Some hack named Paul Forrester from named Sammy D as the starting center on his all-disappointment team from this season. Putting aside Mr. Forrester's obvious bigotry towards Haitian-Canadian-Americans, this ridiculous claim calls into question his basketball IQ. Sammy was hindered by the presence of a genuine disappointment, Monsieur Brand, and battled horrific coaching decisions and rotations for months. This is a slam-dunk(no pun intended) case of defamation!! Legal action against Paul Forrester by the DR legal team may be in order.

The NBA trade deadline looms and with it a potential Andre Miller deal. I would bet against it. Still, I did have the thought that Portland might be a good fit. Brandon Roy might be more effective sharing the distributing duties with a veteran point-guard, and Portland has a good roster to trade with. They have three terrible white guys, all with bad contracts, any of whom could be worth taking if any number of young players were included. Players such as Jarred Bayless, Rudy Fernandez, Travis Outlaw, and Nicholas Batum. And Shavlick Randolph!! You heard my right the first time, Shavlick Randolph is apparently still alive and most definitely available.

I watched the Phoenix Suns up close and came away insulted as a fan. They gave up midway through the third quarter and forced an entire arena to watch Goran Dragic play basketball for fifteen minutes. Steve Nash had the look of somebody who is so disconnected you can't tell if they are totally wasted or intensely committed to their own solitude. Then you see them the next day and they have no recollection of anything that happened due to blackout drunkenness. He was lost.

Shaq is old and can't jump anymore. As a basketball fan it was sad to see him miss lay-ups that a few years ago he would have dunked while simultaneously laughing, dancing, and trash talking. Oh well.

Bud Selig should have to apologize everytime another ballplayer gets exposed for using steroids. For instance, when Albert Pujols gets caught it should be Bud, and not Albert, that has to cry in front of reporters and beg for forgiveness.

I don't like A-Rod any more than the next guy, but isn't it clear that EVERYBODY was using fake muscles? Except the '93 Phils. That team was clean and earned every victory fair and square.


  1. Speaking of baseball. What do yall think about this article? Think the Phillies can repeat?

  2. I LOVE THE '93 PHILS!

    DR Legal Team:

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  5. Some of us don't have facebook, Stepanek.