Monday, February 16, 2009

Glory Glory Hallelujah

After 28 years on this earth and 28 anniversaries of coming into this world out of my mothers vagina, I have finally seen the light! Why it took until my 28th birthday to have my eyes opened I do not know, but what I do know is that Monster Jam is the JAM! On BDay numero 28 the wife, Big E and I attended the most American of "sporting events" and it did not disappoint. As you can see from my handy camera work, all of the major groups were represented:



And of course ATV racing.
The clientele was actually way classier than expected. Don't get Bubak wrong here, they were not classy, just classier than expected. They looked less like this, and more like this. I laughed, I cried, I saw in action just how accurate my memories were of the gross Spectrum restrooms, it was the feel good event of the year. On the downside, we did not witness any mutilation or death(s) but there is always next year!


  1. Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

    "Kids still just 5 bucks!"


    I've always wanted to go to one of these jawns. Happy belated birfday, Bubak.

  2. Alethia has oft questioned the validity of my true southerness due to the fact that I have also never been to one of these things. Dvdubs, we'll have to remedy this situation stat!

    Happy b-day Bubak!

  3. omg, X was in heaven with the clips although he didn't understand why there was a guy on the potty...

  4. Spectrum bathrooms were so gross. And I nearly had a heart attack walking allllll the way up to our seats. but damn, watching huge trucks jump over cars is awesome. happy birthday baby. next year, everyone comes!

  5. it has never even crossed my mind to want to go to one of these events, but i think watching those videos triggered some sort of deep rooted monster jam lover in me. i want in on next year.

    happy birthday!