Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hate Hurts

Can any of us really understand Fine Tone's dilemma at a deli counter, when he has only enough scratch to get extra cheese OR extra meat? Can we really relate to the unenviable position Jayson Werth is placed in when he must decide between the asian stripper and the czech one? For all the horrible things that happen in this world, man is too often forced to pick favorites as between two things he really loves. It's a modern day tragedy of the commons, really.

Well tonight is no different. There is no hiding it, the Big Firm loves dogs. Even little shit ones who look like little shits.

Yet as much as I got love for dogs, I have as much, if not MORE love for black people.

So when this video came to my attention tonight, I felt torn. A dog...born and bred to hate black people? A canine white supremacist? A living creature that could hate a black astronaut?

Behold the horror: White Dog


  1. Fuckin' white racist cujo. It was the Amish did it to him! The Amish, I tells ya!

  2. The true test of netflix is whether or not they have White Dog.

  3. julie! Julie! shut your pie hole!

  4. I can confirm that netflix has it. Next DR staff meeting may be a movie screening.

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