Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Very Large Mason Jars

I know what you are all thinking: Who knew the Bul Bubak drank tea? I too thought he was more of a coffee man, myself. But then I remembered the picture of Bubak swimming, and realized that although his abs are equally as fit, he is far harrier than this iphone loving gentleman.

If you don't live in Cleveland, chances are you don't know who that is. But it's the centerfielder for the Cleveland Indians. I guess when your team stinks and no one knows whether you are black or white, one must take pleasure in the little things in life: oneself.

Would Shane do this? Would Aaron Rowand, Doug Glanville, Nails or Sarge ever do this, let alone let this leak to the public? Well clearly Aaron Rowand would, so I remove him from the equation.

While I sat down simply to post this picture, I have had the misfortune of stewing in a Sixers slump since early last week. I thought -- we ALL thought -- that the DR Awards alone would propel our team to a single solitary victory. And truth be told, Sammy has played better, putting aside one misconceived attempt to block a game-winning shot... by his own teammate. But no, all the Branzino in the world couldn't save this squad. I won't even touch on the AI dilemma, since the outcome is almost preordained at this point. But I WILL issue a threat of sincere variety:

To you, Mr. floppy javelin thrower: No one, and I mean NO ONE walks into Big Firm's house and drinks his brown liquor.

And thank you to the rest of youz for getting me my first note in the mailbox from a cranky neighbor. It would appear A) I have a lot of friends who smoke cigarettes; B) those friends respected my crib enough not to leave their cigarette buts on my balcony; C) those same friends exercised poor judgment and left a bevy of butts cluttering my neighbors driveway. The more I think about it, the more Giul's move to Jamaica makes sense to me. That is my kind of competition.


  1. That picture is the gayest thing since Firm in a Hooters outfit.

    Chris Cooley also has a penis photo out there in the ether... Very uncool-ey.

    Big Firm is the new Billy Ray Valentine of throwing parties:

    I can't find the scene on you tube, god dammit, but you know what I'm talking about.

    Everyone on the DR staff except for Flintskins is gay... Or has more self-respect than we do.

  2. Except for Jake Beard... And of course, Sir Randy Quaid.

    We good.

  3. Extra! Extra!

    A.I. is a Sixie once more.


  4. For the record, I dispute whether the Bul Bubak is harrier than El Diablo Cody.

  5. Wow thanks for that very homoerotic post.

    dvdubs, your comment stye is that of a bearded, frequently masturbating Rain Man.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I think that picture falls under this category.


    As if all male bloggers here are chanting this

  8. Big Firm's place is indeed very neat....hmm.

  9. I report the news people! The news knows no sexuality. And plus, need I remind you of your new favorite mousepad (that you conveniently left at my place you self-denying sly dog)

  10. As a member of the legal community, you should be very aware of the issues surrounding consent. That mousepad only implicates you and PSK.

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