Monday, December 7, 2009

He's Baaaaaaaaaack

Ours and yours favorite weed-smoking, taco-eating, practice-skipping, Bentley-driving, TGI Fridays-lurking, Main Line-dwelling, bowling alley brawl-starting face of the franchise makes his prodigal return to the Wachovia Center tonight. It may be awesome, it may be awful, but it will almost certainly involve an ill-conceived alley-oop attempt to Sammy D. Let's hope our fearless leader is awaiting it with hands of glue.


  1. Go A.I. Go Sammy D. Go Sixies.

  2. just like to point out that midway through the 3rd quarter AI did indeed throw an oop to Sammy D whereupon our fearless leader bunged it with both hands. nostradamus ain't got shit on me.

  3. You said attempt. Attempt implies failure...Much the same way hunting does. For instance, you cannot be guilty of attempted murder if you actually murder someone. Thus, eldiablogrande, nostradamus DOES have shit on you since you merely anticipated an attempt, rather than a bungalicious throwdown from sammy himself.