Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Tao of Thad

According to Google, Thaddeus Young is the 6th most important Thaddeus on the whole innanet. He trails the likes of St. Jude Thaddeus (axe-wielding holy man), Thaddeus of Edessa (one of the 70 disciples (though presumably no relation to Shabazz the Disciple)), and Thaddeus Stevens (flamboyant Republican congressman). This sad state of affairs belies a truth that the believers amongst us have known for some time: if this Sixies team is to ever contend for an NBA title, it will be upon the slender shoulders of the man we call Young Thad.

'Tis a rare sight in the NuhBuh that a team without a superstar is able to reach the league's upper echelons. In the last 20 years, only the '03-04 Pistons (who's best player, Rasheed Wallace, had been a superstar on Portland before sublimating his own skills to play the team game in Detroit) and the '99 Pacers (who's best player, Reggie Miller, was certainly better than Andre Iguodala) reached the Finals without a bonafide superstar leading them. In the later rounds of the playoffs, when the scores are all close, the defense gets sticky, and the games slow to a half-court crawl, having a player who can make tough shots and more importantly command the respect of the refs is invaluable. That's why an egalitarian team like the Sixers will inevitably have trouble down the stretch - without a player who can consistently score or draw a foul in a one-on-one situation, they won't get any calls, and will struggle to put points up.

Elton Brand may have once been that player, but he isn't anymore. Andre Iguodala, for all his positive qualities, will never be that player either. Lou Williams is a good, aggressive crunch-time scorer, but anyone who thinks he is the go-to guy on a championship team is smoking Dennie Street's finest.

Our future rests in the soft, soft hands of Thaddeus Young.

All season long we've been maddened by the Sixers' inability to realize this essential truth. In the last 15 or so games however, it appears that the irrepressible genius of Thad's left hand has invaded even their most calcified of brains. As the team has begun looking to Thad in the half-court, and the coaching staff has (gasp!) starting actually running plays for him, he's been averaging over 20 a game on 53% shooting (37% from treyland), and has emerged as a reliable scoring threat. Oh and by the way, he's not even old enough to get into Bob and Barbaras!! And playing out of position! Thad is the truth; he tao is undeniable, and all should bear witness this spring as we witness the coming out party of the NBA's next superstar.


  1. I love Young Thad. The thing about Young Thad? Mad Promise.

    I may have to start calling him "Tad the Cad"

    This dude should be in the names bracket; see his alternate name as well:

    Young Thad may be a peanut head, but man, he is good.

    I am attending the Flyboys game tonight with Flintskins and Powder. Should be awes. Go fuckin' Flyers!

    Dan willing, Sammy D will be in attendance.

  2. This was the post that needed to be written. Bravo.

    Who are the flyers? Go fuckin Neuvah,Cuz!

  3. Yeauw, Neuvah is da shit, king.

  4. I am rooting for Mizzou to bring it home.