Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let The Madness Ensue

Here at the DR we are cut from a different cloth. The editors at large are not what the masses would call "normal". That being said, it is that time of the year again, time for our march madness preview. There will be no basketball talked about in this post, but rather the more important bracket. This year's Name Of The Year(NOTY) bracket is nothing if not phenomenal. It's not just me who thinks so either. Check out what some of my colleagues have to say on the subject:

- Atari Bigby of the New Brunswick Herald Times Picayune Daily has called this years tournament "The year of the upset!"

- Blogger Majestic Mapp of claims "Finally, a tournament that Kok dominates."

- Neon Beaudeaux who has been a guest editor of the Metro Calcutta asserts " This year has more intriguing first round match ups than ever: Dick v. Beaver, Warmflash v. Koldsweat, Uranus Golden v. K Cumalat, and Dr. Shasta Kielbasa v. Cherish Frankenstein." With examples like that who could argue with Mr. Beaudeaux?

Without further ado, I give you all a sneak peak at my bracket. I have 10 upsets in the first round headlined by 5 seeds of 10 or higher making it to the round of 16. Now... on to the FINAL FOUR. Only one #1 seed made it into my final four. Sadly, Taco Vandervelde was not one of them...that sneaky canuck. On the top Half of the bracket I have Glorious Johnson going up against the Reverend Valentine Handwerker, and on the bottom half Nutritious Love v. Dr. Shasta Kielbasa. Surprise final four participant, #5 seed Dr. Shasta Kielbasa, goes up against Glorious Johnson in the finals with the glorious one prevailing in a ridiculously close race.


  1. My personal vote is for Uranus Golden, but who asked me, Infinite McCloud.

    EDG is now EDJ (or Ed Jew).

  2. Majestic Mapp's blog is my favorite. It's the first thing I check in the morning. Love his commentary.

  3. i think that Shasta Keilbasa might just be the most brillz name ever. one of my friends is a first grade teacher and last year she had a student named MyGod. also brillz.

  4. I would've liked to have seen Barkevious make it out of the first round, but he'll have to settle for being the inspiration for my next pets name. I'd also love for the Eagles to draft Knowshown Moreno.

  5. The next weiner dog that Alethia and I adopt will definitely be named Barkevious. Incred.

    Well, that or MyGod... Which is what Noodles and Butters basically are.

  6. One of you Atlanta falcons needs to write something.

  7. Incredible game last night; shades of this:

    Sixies are making just enough of a playoff push to break our hearts.