Thursday, November 15, 2007

Philly Blunts Are The Hot Dogs of Tobacco

To Cheeks, or not to Cheeks, that is the question. Over a few shots of Southern Comfort (it was on sale at Las Vegas Lounge, and much needed after half the dalembert report editorial staff spent two hour watching a movie that began with Philip Seymour Hoffman fucking Marisa Tomei doggy style and proceeded to go way, way downhill from there) Tutkwon and myself considered this query.

"He's a mediocre coach" spaketh 'kwan, and, though I count myself as one of the contingent of Sixers fans who have been pleased with coach Mo, I was hard pressed to disagree.

But is a mediocre coach really such a bad thing for this team? Is it a bad thing for any team, really? And just how many quote unquote "good" coaches really exist? When Lawrence Frank pulls Bostjan Nachbar aside to tell him something tremendously tactical and complicated, is that really more effective than when coach Mo grabs LW3 and says "they can't stop you young bul -- go and get yours"?

I personally think that Mo is the perfect coach for this team right now. He's relentlessley positive, never brings any drama, never criticizes his players and is willing to play almost anyone, anytime, in any combination. If the Sixers win any games this year, it will be from hustle, defense and hot shooting, not because their coach drew up an unstoppable out of bounds play. LB can ski pole Ed Snider all he wants -- this season it's not about winning the close ones.

That being said, if we keep getting blown the fuck out in the fourth quarter of games I'm gonna have to start going all bunny suicide on mufuckas.

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