Friday, November 2, 2007

Midnight Has Come and Gone & Iguodala Has Turned into a Pumpkin

To give a max deal, to not give a max deal that is the question.

Does the new AI deserve 5 years 85 million dollars? I say no. how many players in the League have a max deal? 21.

Well you say, "Andre Iguodala is not one of the best 21 players in the league." while this may be true, it is not that simple. Of the 21 players with max deals, I would take the new AI over at least two of them: Starbury and Antawn Jamison.

That being said, my colleague Eldiablogrande and myself held an impromtu fantasy draft (30 teams) during the sixers opener on Wednesday and concluded that Iguodala would be an early second round pick...possibly the 1st pick of round two. My question is this: can you really justify giving a player a max deal if he will not be the #1 guy on his team?

No no no no no.

It is hard to justify having multiple max contract guys on a team unless you have Shaq and D Wade, the original AI and Melo, or KG and Pierce. Now I know the new AI would be/is our best player, but does that mean we should overpay him? We have seen how Moneybags King giving out huge contracts has hurt the team in the past (see Kenny Thomas, Brian Skinner). He also traded Bruce Bowen, Larry Hughes and Billy Owens for Toni Kukoc. (I don't like Billy King)

I say to you new AI come down with your demands a little, and to you Billy King pay the man more than our beloved Sammy D!

5 years 65 million. Fair is fair. There ya go, contract talks over deal done everyone happy. Now take that money we're gonna save after CWebber's contract comes off the books, and sign E Brand.

P.S. Eric Piatkowski is still in the league, Way to go white!!!

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